More than Words

This website is the result of Inclusion Finland FDUV:s project Mer än ord – besked om funktionsnedsättning, More than Words – First information about disability (2016-2018).

During this project we have collected the thoughts of about a hundred parents with children with various special needs, focusing on the swedishspeaking minority along the coastline of Finland. Working in small local groups with parents we have found out how they were told about their childs diagnosis or difficulties, what information they would have needed at that time and what kind of support would have helped them to get a good start of the everyday life with a child with disability.

At the same time we collected information from professionals that work with families with children with special needs – doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers etc.- to find out how the support of families is supposed to work in Finland and how it does work. Which are their difficulties communicating the news to a family that their child has, or may have a disability?

This website is a results of our massive research. We have worked out guidelines for informing families of their child’s disability and are now building up models for education of professionals. Our goal is that every family that gets the first information will be seen, heard, helped and embraced and that the professionals know what the families need and will be there for them.

Inclusion Finland FDUV is a non-profit organisation for Swedish-speaking persons with intellectual disability in Finland. FDUV also works for persons with other learning or communication disabilities.
In this project we have been working together with Autism- and Aspergerförbundet, Folkhälsan, Hem och Skola and Kårkulla. The project is financed by STEA.